The idea for this was solidified while listening to this music at the prompting of the guardian angel, or if we prefer, a wise, powerful, good, gentle and musically inclined individual.
Part of the Skandalon Skole garden project originally titled "Bensonhurst Graduation" in collaboration with Lanciano High

There is a famous novel called "Il Giardino dei Fizzicontini" but few have visited the gardens of the Gluck Street Gabuzzi, nor traversed the secret gestalt tunnels that connected them with the Cherry orchards of Little Vanya, long since laid waste by "la mancha urbana".
Now, the Gladhanded Gardeners of the Skandalon Skole invite you to participate in this phenomenological drama as we all strive to evict greedy bobcat happy developers (get gwan) rehabilitate the disenfranchized, dejected and delinquent Gabuzzi, and recover the cherished lands of the Gabuzzi Gardens.

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