First of all, ask the angels if they will admit you to the academy of agape.
(hint: they want to admit you --they love us,ok.
Next, Blaze your bugatti boards. We do not mean this sort of board:
though love is the seventh wave

well then what exactly do we mean? GLAD and GAGLIARDI that you GUYS want to GET GOING.
Instead of the Scholarly Aptitude test, the valanga has the AGAPE APTITUDE ASSESSMENT.
If you clear that hurdle you get to cruise around in a fantasy ferrari with Feanor.
Is it blinged out? One word: Silmarils. Talk about a chariot of fire!

Ok scherzi aparte, to be a CHEERFUL COLLEGE CHUM, take the 400 question engelblau boards, Pinocchio, Frodo, Dante and Feanor.
To be a FEARLESS FELLOW OF FOUNDATIONAL FIRE (URIEL) go ahead and engage the 1000 questions Fenomenological Festival, which include the Skandalon tests.
We are still working on this stuff but you get the idea.

Why have multiple choice exams? Doesnt that force everyone into a box both literally and figuratively?
Yes, it does, which makes it merely a threshold that we all cross, and we try to make it as humorous as possible
. The threshold we really want to cross is hope, (TERZIO DECATA ADVENIENTE).
but nonethe less..Think of a room where a few people sit around talking passing documents back and forth and then think of a large lecture hall.
Online classes can be both--the MOOCS, and the FBOCS (friend-based online courses)
However, the large courses there cna't be the same kind of discussion so discuss the materials with anyone that's interested.

Then choose your courses.
If the course is marked with a T, it means there is a written text provided in the links.

Transcript of work--if you've been working on something all trimester, that's part of your educational experience, called a "transcript", somewhat like a portfolio of your work.
Since not all of the courses have texts or exams yet, ask yourself: Could I explain what I learned to someone who did not know
For example, Algebra.
if someone asks you about Diophantus and you say "solve for x" that's not really up to snuff.
But if you can explain all of his equations, now we're getting somewhere.
For example, Musical : if someone asks you about musical psychology and you say, "music is an emotional experience" thats a little light.
But if you can explain in detail how this happens, now we're getting somewhere.
For example, Astronomy is more than just "stars are visible in the night sky."
explain why and how this is true.
some of the work of course is demonstrable such as a gardening or landscaping project, or a painting, or musical album where it kind of speaks for itself.
Military pt, similar. for example, the seals ask you to run four miles in half an hour--Marathons for messengers-if you can run a HALF marathon in 90 minutes, that's--well, keeping up that pace for 90 minutes, scary good.
crew regatta participants, do not throw coxwain in river, it's too cold.
Muscle car afficionadoes, this is an inside joke but building a bugatti is a very good showing. boosting one, no credit. Sorry.
Racing one down the river...good, but have you tried it on foot, in shoes?


We ourselves are the building blocks which make up the new world of love that we are trying to create.
When we become more who we are, we create this future.
It might also be useful to think of building an education as building a road on which we walk forward towards hope and light.
This is the original meaning of "educare": to lead out or lead from.
As bricks are placed, the road is created.


How many blocks? Ask yourself, did I do my 32?

You need 32 courses to finish the four years of University.
Of course you can do them whenever you want but learning is for life, so if you "graduate", keep engaging. No one knows everything.
You really should do one trimester in the summer as well; otherwise, what will you know of gardening for the gagliardi gang? You just show up to collect the raccolta?
note: Public servants have to ask that question too: did you do your thirty two?
As far as we are aware, 32 hours a week of clockable time (which ends up to be much more in actuality) is required of educators.
So be it known, studying should not be slothful, and serving the public is not simply a stroll down the street.
Though if you wish to build a street, measure out the bricks.