Masonry is often thought of as a specialized trade, one that requires an architect for the design and a skilled stoneworking team for the execution.
However after repeated observation and apprenticeship to a mason, even one with little or no formal schooling in geometry or any other relevant subject,
it is possible for anyone to build a simple structure from stoneworking materials.

The first step would be to look at a similar structure and examine the way in which it is put together and the materials used, and the space it occupies.
If possible, observe a mason building a similar structure in a similar space. Note the season, weather, and time of day,how long it takes, what tools he uses, what clothing he wears, whether he has a team or works alone, and where he procures materials and for how much money.
then make a drawing to scale, including measurements of height, and width, and depth. and calculate the expenses and time involved.
You will end up with a less impressive product than you wish for, but that's ok.


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