URIEL: "God is my light"

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HELLO EVERYONE, welcome to 2020. LOVE TO ALL.
The trimester is starting.
We do apologize for the continued disarray on here, we are trying to get a standard simplified template for these pages that can be taken offline easily, and its slow.
but its orientation week so go ahead and Ask the Angels, Blaze your Boards and choose your courses.
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We are dreadfully sorry to disappoint you but these are The Boards: Pinocchio, Middle earth, Engelblau Boards, ( the silmaril).
Since we are still developing these boards, If you can get through that, consider yourself admitted, provided the angels didn't have a full on coronary when they beheld you approach. JE JE.
Actually if you want to get all technical, angels cannot have a full on coronary because they don't have physical bodies.

Armchair Astronomers, Attention! It may be cold and dark out but the stars are always bright.
There is always something going on in the sky even in winter, so keep your eyes pealed.

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This is the central page for participation in the University project
Remember the four lessons: goodness, (Pinocchio) fellowship, (Frodo) the soul's journey,(Dante) and the eucatastrophe. (Engelblau).
Fridays are a good day to finish the weeks' work if you can and then take the quiz.


I. WHY A UNIVERSITY? The founders of the Valanga di Vita always cherished learning as a road to a greater happiness.
They believed that universities and the various schools and colleges attached to them are per se a good and valuable idea. But what exactly is a university? Where does the phenomenon come from? Where is it headed?
For those who have the time and the inclination, Harold Berman published an exhaustive scholarly study of the history of the Western forms of government, legal tradition and how universities are related to that.
At some point, we will hopefully turn this into a course.
Berman wrote unapologetically about the Holy Spirit as the God of History
While it is true that only the wealthy have the time to write like this, why not take advantage of their labor when it is available to us in the public online library,a concept held so dear by the late great Aaron Swartz.
Here is one article from Catholic University of America, about this huge undertaking.
Hereis another such review from Valparaiso U.
Hereis an essay by Berman on law and religion.
If you live in NYC and read German, you can read the book free room 315

II. RAISON D'ETRE: WHY PHENOMENOLOGY? And why our particular brand of EUCATASTROPHIC OR EUCHARISTIC PHENOMENOLOGY? WHAT IS THE EDUCATIONAL METHOD OF THE URIEL PROJECT? However in order to serve their purpose the studies undertaken in a university should be related to the phenomena of reality and be able to explain or interpret that reality in a positive way.
Otherwise, mental distress will result.
Moreover, at times, what a person studies does not seem to correspond to what that person is experiencing.
To give an example using poetic license, supposing you wake up every morning and a large boulder rolls through your kitchen; then you go to class and the professor says large boulders are not real, but in fact are a hallucination created by your cerebral cortex.
The fact that they smashed up your crockery, well, you must have done that yourself.

To try to mitigate this kind of insanity, is why the science of PHENOMENOLOGY was born.

III: ARE WE QUALIFIED ACCORDING TO THE VERY PARTICULAR SCRUTINY OF THE ACADEMIC WORLD? HAVE WE DONE OUR HOMEWORK? Yes, and then some. As a friend said, we've more than "earned our stripes". While we pursue our University project, we are not speaking from a place of unknowing.
every course we offer has been vetted by people who graduated from places such as Harvard, Claremont, Boston College, Haverford, Wellesley, Smith, etc.
The scandal continues to be discovered, that many accredited universities while being beautiful places with laudable goals, are awash in embezzlement and financial theft, sexual abuse, drug and alcohol addiction and related deaths, suicide and other forms of mental illness.
Of course it is an unpleasant affair to call these places out, because of the tremendous financial and political power they possess, having long been exclusive clubs for the wealthy.
As an example, Harvard has long been one of the most respected Universities on earth.
President Obama famously attended the law school there and participated in the student body government.
(and according to a very wealthy classmate of Obama's who was a medical doctor to certain friends of ours, Obama himself was never very candid with the American public about his privileged past).
The heavily religious and particularly the staunch anti-catholic past of the university is not so widely known.
The subject was raised from time to time by Father Brian Hehir, who famously gave some free lectures at St Paul's church near Harvard Square in the 1990s, (near the espresso cult legend, cafe Pamplona)
And if any of our readers were there, you will recall how Brian used to pace slowly back and forth, hands clasped thoughtfully behind his back, and repeat, "so the question is....here is an article published three years ago by them, in the Harvard Gazette.
And here is a very important piece of information of which the Gazette article, not too surprisingly, makes no mention.
( Hehir quit after only a couple of years to head up Catholic Charities.)

For these and other reasons, The Valanga di Vita is having some conversations etc starting around the Columbus day/Indigenous day weekend.

We are VERY thankful to our friends for participating!!! THANK YOU!!!!
We love you very much.
And for those who wish to follow the continuing phenomenology of Hehir,
opposes iraq war citing Augustine
And it doesn't seem like we've figured this out yet does it
Or this for that matter

We are working hard to streamline the front end; you should be able to participate in and contribute to the evolution of this school even with a cell phone as long as you have access to an internet connection.
If you live in a wired area, and are short on cash, look for NYC MESH or GUIFI or one of these cooperative internet connections..
If you want an ID and do not have one, you can design and print one yourself; it should have some reference to ENGELBLAU in it or Uriel University, as well as the Valanga di Vita.